Well, OK, it doesn’t need to be a physical newspaper where the ink rubs off on your hands. But you need to pay for some news! In a tough economy people are trying to cut back on their expenses, and a newspaper (or similar paid digital content) is one expense that many (most?) people have […]

It struck me some years ago that our use of the terms “knowledge” and “belief” seems a bit schizophrenic. Sometimes we use the word “knowledge” in a way that implies it is superior to “belief.” This is the scientific context for the word “knowledge.” “Knowing” something is superior to “believing” it in the sense that […]

About a week ago there was a story in the news that stirred urologists’ souls: a government panel was recommending that healthy men (who don’t have any specific reason otherwise) not receive the PSA test to check for prostate cancer as part of their normal physical. I find this whole story, and urologists’ response to […]

It is hard to read or watch the news without seeing reference to the need for the government to “create jobs.” Something has always rubbed me the wrong way about that phrase—a good enough reason to explore it a bit! My discomfort does not arise, I think, from the same place as for Republicans who […]

I am interested in how we “know” things for purposes of making decisions about public policy issues. I first got interested in this topic when I was working on evaluating programs for the Indiana General Assembly. I would try to find “hand holds” on which to rest my conclusions about programs I was evaluating and […]

I have spent some time thinking about my last blog post (on whether it is possible to ‘know too much’)—especially as it relates to health care. One moment it—the idea that we as a society can encourage too much investment in medical research—has seemed right to me and the next moment it hasn’t. But I […]

I love books. I love exploring new things. I believe that is it vital that schools teach students a broad range of things to help them think critically as they go through life. Yet I wonder if it is also possible to have too much of this good thing ‘knowledge’ (at least in certain areas). […]

The development of the modern corporation is one of the great historical developments in the governance and growth of business enterprises. “Great” in the sense of momentous—allowing us to achieve things that we could not achieve without the corporation, but not necessarily “great” in the sense of “good” (i.e. the opposite of evil). Think of […]


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